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Andy Weinberger's "The Ugly Man Sits in the Garden"

  • Posted on: 28 October 2016
  • By: readersbooks


We were so delighted to see many happy faces at the book launch for store co-owner Andy Weinberger's collection of essays The Ugly Man Sits in the Garden. Some of you may be familiar with these essays, since they are a collection of our favorites from 15 years of newsletters (which was as far back as we could find--the first 10 years are a mystery). This a great way to celebrate our quarter century of bookselling and, as Andy likes to say, makes a great Christmas gift. Readers' Books is the only retailer of these fantastic books, so if you'd like one, you need to buy it from us! You can either do this by coming in, calling in, or, until further notice, by emailing The book is $18.00--for California purchasers, add in $1.58. If you would like to ship it, the shipping cost is $3.09 for one book.