New Naturalism: Designing and Planting a Resilient, Ecologically Vibrant Home Garden (Hardcover)

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Des Moines, IA 

About the Author

Kelly D. Norris is an award-winning author and plantsman, and the director of horticulture and education at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, a revitalized public garden in Des Moines, Iowa. Over his career, his work has been featured in The New York TimesOrganic Gardening, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart LivingGarden Design, and in numerous local and regional media appearances. In 2019, Kelly joined Cottage Farms Plants on QVC as a guest host.
As a writer and photographer, he regularly contributes to popular gardening magazines like Country GardensFine GardeningThe American Gardener, and a variety of industry trade publications. As a speaker, he has garnered acclaim for his high-energy, zealous presentations on the national stage, leading many to call him one of the rising stars of American horticulture. 
Kelly has been fortunate to earn recognition for his work from a variety of organizations including three awards from Iowa State Horticultural Society (2009–2011) for his service and contributions to horticulture in Iowa; early career and young professional awards from the Perennial Plant Association (2011), GardenComm (2018) and the American Horticultural Society (2018); the Iowa Author Award for Special Interest Writing (2013), the youngest Iowan to be recognized in the history of the awards program; and a fellowship from the Chanticleer Foundation (2015) for his curatorial and plant exploration work at the Botanical Garden.

Praise For…

“New Naturalism…is a well-written and beautifully illustrated book on naturalistic garden design and how to achieve a garden that is both aesthetically pleasing and ecologically functional.”
 —Joe Lamp’l, and host of Growing a Greener World on PBS

“Mr. Norris is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who represents a new generation of horticulturists.”
 —Maureen Karl, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“An invaluable tool for ecologically oriented gardeners, this book is as relevant for residents of Eastern woodlands or Western mountains as for gardeners in Kelly’s own Midwest.”
 —Thomas Christopher, Growing Greener podcast

 “This beautiful book is undoubtedly worth a read.”
 —Garden Culture Magazine

 “New Naturalism is a great look into what the future of gardening can be.”
 —Steve Natchez Glen House Stories

 “There are plenty of advantages to gardening this way, and Kelly’s new book helps illustrate them.”
 —Kylee Baumle for Paulding Progress

“This mouth-watering book unveils an understanding of how to encourage biodiversity in our gardens, bringing us closer to a world where gardens, ecologists, landscape designers, and planners can unite – working together to blur the lines between ecology and horticulture”Fergus Garrett, Head Gardener, Great Dixter House and Gardens, East Sussex, England

“Kelly Norris has translated plant community design for the scale of the garden. Free of ecological jargon, this book brings a horticulturist’s perspective on how to create legible, high contrast, and emotionally resonant plantings for small spaces. The planting palettes in the second half of the book make this idea accessible for any designer or home gardener. A must-have book for the naturalistic planting bookshelf!”Thomas Rainer, landscape architect and co-author of Planting in a Post-Wild World

“A new perspective on naturalistic gardening … Loaded with gorgeous photos of unique gardens, it’ll inspire you to rethink your own way of growing plants more sustainably.”
 —Garden Gate Magazine

“I sat down and read the whole thing cover to cover. (..) Normally when I read gardening books, I kind of just skim them because a lot of them have the same thing to say. This is not one of those. (...) One of the best books to come out this year.”
 —The Gardenanglelists Podcast

"This book really digs into the grit of how to achieve a successful naturalistic planting in a variety of growing conditions...Norris illustrates his points with stunning photographs. He builds on the pedagogy of perennial plant design by contributing his own phrases and insight to the current canon of terms."
 —The American Gardener

“The new wave of gardening.”
 —Colorado Gardener

"This is a beautiful and practical book that shows how to partner with nature in creating a garden—rather than attempt to direct nature."Horticulture Magazine

“New Naturalism is a companion for us in cultivating a caring consciousness… In a gardening moment where there is a lot of potential anxiety around the urgency of the biggest concepts like climate change and pollinator decline, Kelly provides just enough of a tweak in perspective on how we approach our gardening impulse to grant us easier access into this conversation about the role of gardeners through the fortitude and best intentions of our already established gardening passions and habits.”
 —Jennifer Jewell, Cultivating Place Podcast
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ISBN: 9780760368190
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Publisher: Cool Springs Press
Publication Date: February 16th, 2021
Pages: 208
Language: English