Don'ts for Husbands (Paperback)

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"Don't look at things solely from a man's point of view. Put yourself in your wife's place and see how you would like some of the things she has to put up with." Originally published in 1913, Don'ts for Husbands provides advice that's as equally compelling as its companion, Don'ts for Wives (also available from Cosimo Classics). In this comical, enlightening, and historical booklet, Blanche Ebbutt shifts sides of the marital equation, delivering advice-some of which still rings true today-to help shape a proper and successful husband. Offering tips on "General Habits," "Jealousy," "Food," and many more timeless topics, Don'ts for Husbands is the perfect gift for anyone interested in the evolution of society, and who ultimately loves to laugh. In addition to Don'ts for Wives a third installment in this series, Don'ts for Mothers, is also available from Cosimo Classics. Little is known about BLANCHE EBBUTT other than the knowledge that she is the author of the witty, instructive 20th century etiquette guides Don'ts for Wives and Don'ts for Husbands. It is suspected that she was also the anonymous author of the earlier Don'ts for Mothers.
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ISBN: 9781616409463
ISBN-10: 1616409460
Publisher: Cosimo Classics
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2015
Pages: 42
Language: English