Vibrating at the Speed of Love (Paperback)

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The A Priori

"This is the season for reconstituted living. Look at the smallest kindness and you will see the ingredients Einstein spoke of as comprising life. Love constitutes all things, abides in all things, reveals all things. It is never the catastrophe that does us in. Rather, it is the blind spot through which we view it." From Vibrating At The Speed Of Love

Vibrating At The Speed Of Love is comprised of short easy-to-read passages across 100 pages written in contemplative fashion addressing the tension between imprisonment of thoughts driven by ego and those offering peace and liberation from the Divine. While born out of a medical crisis, it emerged as an inspirational experience fueled by Love.

The longer story...

The murkiness and devastation of fear was unknown to me with all its complexities and consequences, until I was diagnosed with a tumor. While I certainly had awareness of being afraid throughout my life, I did not know how pervasive it was. I also did not know how deleterious to my health fear was, driven instead by the belief it kept me alive.

And what did I know about real love, the depth of it, the crucible known and expressed for self and others, the love that creates intense connections with wondrous outcomes founded on the state of being. Instead, my image and understanding of love was simplistic until a tumor set my preconceived notions of fear and love on their respective ears

The Book

Vibrating at the Speed of Love is a contemplative lyrical journey, an ear-splitting, mind-bending and ultimately, life-altering examination of fear and love. In equal measure, each state is contemplated soberly, with brutal honesty, simplicity and finally, revelation. Further, while the manuscript springs from personal flashes of understanding, it serves as a vehicle that captures the universal whisper known to many but is all too often quasi-conscious at best.

It serves up inspirational musings about the tension between the ego and spirit, between human drives and the Divine impulse we all share. It is ordinary, predictable, and the most basic struggle. My life--our lives--are filled with a tension, at times severe, between earthly ego-driven I-want-things-to-be-a-certain-way tension, bloated with our precious opinions and judgements that keep us taut, and away from the peace that passes understanding.

Each short passage is the subtle whisper that beckons the reader into progressive recognition of universal truths, "having known it all along." Drawn heavily from A Course in Miracles with occasional references to the body of work conducted by Dr. David R. Hawkins, the text leads its reader much like its author was led to greater spiritual insights and understanding. Ultimately, it is the value of the individual experience safe inside that breaks through near the end, offering promise and hope to the emerging unafraid heart.

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ISBN: 9781733802307
ISBN-10: 1733802304
Publisher: Rosalie Cushman
Publication Date: June 10th, 2019
Pages: 124
Language: English