A Walk to Garabandal: A Journey of Happiness and Hope (Paperback)

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Kelly's "Walk" starts when the high school Spanish teacher travels to Spain seeking adventure. A man sipping wine in a bar greets him, "Americano, you're late. A few years ago the foreigners poured through here to watch the strange reactions of four little girls who claimed visits from an angel and the Virgin Mary." Kelly samples the food and wine and moves on to Pamplona where avoiding being gored by the bulls chases away all thoughts of little levitated mountain girls. Back home he learns that the Vatican takes seriously the predictions of a future horrifying warning for everyone in the world, followed in the village by the greatest miracle in history at which the sick will be cured. Conchita confirms to a BBC interviewer, "that if the conditional punishment follows, it would be better that her children had never been born." The author returns the next summer and fourteen more times to live more than four years total in the area. He listens to eyewitness relive what they had seen and heard and felt during the apparitions and gets to know the visionaries. He shows how the attractive twenty-two year old Conchita is even more fascinating living incognito as "Maria" in Barcelona. In February 2018, the first movie on the happenings opened and has people all over Spain talking about Garabandal. The movie is projected to open in the U.S. before the end of the year. We are living in the end times.
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