The Card Game (Paperback)

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Edith is dead. And her three best friends are staring down the barrel of a dead-end future. Minnie and Sarah didn't imagine a life of poverty in Tenderloin, San Francisco, when they set out to be teachers a lifetime ago. And Jeanette didn't see herself here either after a youth lived in luxury.

When the friends find a stack of credit cards while cleaning out dead Edith's house, they can't help but think she would want them to live a little. Or maybe a lot. And surely, no one could track fraudulent charges back to them. Their indulgence begins with an innocent road-trip across the United States but soon debt collectors Sergio and George are hot on their tail, even as they flee to Spain. As the stakes get higher, so do their balances and credit limits, and the friends begin to realize the game they're playing is bigger and more dangerous than they could have imagined. It had become a match of wits, but who were they playing against? And just how far were they and their opponents willing to go?

The Card Game takes readers on a wild ride through losing at life, finding the courage to try to win again, and sticking by friends through it all, making the journey worthwhile.

The first rule of The Card Game is "hang on tight "

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ISBN: 9798986129921
Publisher: Little Star Books
Publication Date: June 14th, 2023
Pages: 438
Language: English