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Prohibition has been the law since 1920 but that did not stop people from wanting alcoholic beverages nor did it stop the organizations that supplied them. Lack of good alcoholic beverages causes many speakeasies and organized crime suppliers to manufacture low quality substitutes, often called coffin varnish, giggle juice or embalming fluid. Violence is on the rise as the mobs protect their turf and supply channels.

Dan and Laure grew up in small villages in the far north and south areas of Chicago and they meet in unusual circumstances. Laure's past relationship with a mob assassin causes her to be cautious in her commitments. Dan reluctantly undertakes an improbable mission forced on him by a mob chief to settle a debt when his father's truck rolls while being chased by a rival gang, destroying thousands of dollars of contraband alcohol. The mission is to acquire wine and distilled spirits from the Napa/Sonoma Wine Country and other locations to deliver them to a North Side Gang mob chief in Chicago. Or else.

So begins Laure and Dan's adventures on The Roaring Road. Start with a rare prototype Duesenberg and a Road Trip Dog. Add mayhem caused by rival mobs, a group of highwaymen, a gang of bank robbers, kidnappers and assorted other villains. Dan goes with an elite squad of U.S. Marines from Mare Island to raid a pirate ship in San Francisco to rescue Laure. Stir this rich cocktail mixture with the spicy lust of a rapidly developing relationship. Automobiles, aeroplanes, speakeasies, flappers, Hollywood actors and actresses from the silent movie era combine explosively in this non-stop action thriller that starts with an automobile/express train race from Chicago to Indianapolis.

"What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

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ISBN-13: 9780996486149
Publisher: Road Trip Dog Publishing
Publication Date: August 25th, 2015