Luc Ferier, of the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation, presents "The Unknown Fallen"

  • Posted on: 11 December 2019
  • By: readersbooks

On Tuesday, January 7th, Luc Ferier, author of The Unknown Fallen and founder of the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation, will speak at Readers’ Books in Sonoma. There will be a 6:30 reception, followed by a 7:00 talk. Over a century ago, the First World War ended and prompted the beginnings of a history of storytelling about the war. However, over time, the diversity of those involved in World War One has gone unnoticed. Now, with the publication of The Unknown Fallen, we can travel back and view the Allied cause with new eyes. Luc Ferier, author of the book, was moved by his great-grandfather’s war diaries, which extensively featured the “Mohammedans” he had encountered in the trenches. Spurred into researching, Mr. Ferrier became so interested that he gave up his work in the aeronautical industry to establish the Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation, which strives to tell the untold stories of the Muslim contribution to the war. The Unknown Fallen is one of the fruits of their labor: a visual representation of the Muslim contributions during the war, featuring men working together to achieve a common goal. 

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation is an independent secular non-profit organization based in London that was founded in 2012 by Luc Ferier. In the course of producing The Unknown Fallen, the organization uncovered 850,000 documents locked away worldwide. Mr. Ferrier’s work has received international approval, including the prestigious Peace and Reconciliation Award from the Deputy Lieutenants for Greater London and Faith and Belief Forum.

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Event date: 
Tuesday, January 7, 2020 - 6:30pm
Event address: 
130 E. Napa St.
Sonoma, CA 95476